October 1, 2017

Volume 161, Issue 10, 1 October 2017

Executive Solutions Manage and Optimize Supply and Demand Energy

Sabine Bacouel-Jentjens

ISC Paris Business School, Paris, France


 The objectives of this paper are familiar with the concept and factors management and optimization of energy consumption, Review the existing problems in promoting energy audits and energy savings, and Meet the medium and long term solutions for improving energy efficiency and the benefits of implementing energy management.

The Impact of Environmental Pollution Drilling Mud Upstream Oil Industry

Sven Horak

Department of oil Engineering, City University, London, UK


 The oil industry has long been the mainstay of the economy of oil-rich countries That, besides profitability, environmental impact frequency is also followed. Among the problems that are faced by the oil pollution caused for drilling of wells. Drilling industry is one of the main sectors of the oil industry and one of the world's most specialized industrial activities. Drilling and production process are producing a variety of different kinds of pollutions. Existing environmental legislation, companies and factories are required to reduce the negative environmental effects of the pollution. One of the most important factors in reducing negative environmental impacts is proper management, So that sometimes the cost required for the removal of pollution or control emissions, by proper management and innovative significantly reduced. In this paper drilling fluid and its compounds on its environmental impacts are discussed and then the role of waste management methods and technologies, waste management and factors affecting the three main groups of reducing the volume of waste, recycling and reuse of waste classified.

Management Strategy for the Development of Geothermal Energy

Fan Gu & Jane Nolan

Business School, China University of Political Science and Low, Beijing, China


 One of the most important problems that mankind is faced with the indiscriminate use of fossil fuels. Since this energy source, front end and life depends on it and use this type of fuel to produce gases such as carbon dioxide resulting in global warming and adverse changes in climate is causing environmental pollution and air and water pollution. The use of alternative and renewable sources is necessity considered. Geothermal energy is renewable and new energies can be a good alternative to fossil fuels and non-renewable. Geothermal energy is influenced by climate and climate change with long-term use can be prevented.

Analysis of Energy Losses in the Power Management Network

Chris Rowley

Cass Business School, City University London, London, UK


 One of the important parameters of economic research network of energy transfer is the amount of energy losses. Many factors affect the calculation of energy losses that is why the exact amount is determined with good accuracy in the electrical network. In practice to calculate energy losses in a particular network, methods such as modeling, calculation and measurement are used. The purpose of this analysis is measurement and modeling study on power grid in order to investigate the cause of decreasing energy.

Study of Electronic Payments by Using Near Field Communication (NFC) Technology in Iran

Abdolreza Rahmati,Hosein Doroudi

Department of Electrical Engineering, Iran University of Science and Technology, Tehran, Iran

B.sc Student, Department of Electrical Engineering, Iran University of Science and Technology, Tehran, Iran


  In case of using mobile electronic payments technology, for financial transactions, Confidentiality and privacy are very important. In other words, when Texture and essence of traditional life are changing to modern patterns, social crime activities and social anomalies become modern too. Mobile electronic payments technology has got great potentials, it seems that various institutions, like banks, hardware manufacturers, retail stores, municipal fleet, parking systems and parking meters will support this technology and could be develop in the world (almost implemented) and in Iran. Developing this technology will Depends on Implementation way and avoid of complexity and obscurity in using that, and it should be known to the public by simple explanation. If these stuffs do correctly, new strategies for purchase of goods and services, advertising and trade data will be develop, and the main condition of this development is safety. Using this technology mainly has got some concerns, because it could transfer essential data through waves, and at least theoretically, maybe strangers could access to the data. In this paper, we carefully analysis and compare attacks and standards in the Near Field Communication (NFC) and offer best encryption methods in this field.